Iced Tea


What’s In Wendy’s Iced Tea

Brewed to perfection, cool and refreshing drink whenever you want.


Below is information about the nutritional value:

NutrientsSmall Iced Tea Nutritional ValueMedium Iced Tea Nutritional ValueLarge Iced Tea Nutritional Value
Total Fat0g0g0g
Saturated Fat0g0g0g
Trans Fat0g0g0g
Total Carbohydrate0g0g0g
Dietary Fiber0g0g0g
Total Sugars0g0g0g
Calcium0% DV0% DV0% DV
Iron0% DV0% DV0% DV
Potassium2% DV4% DV4% DV


Learn about allergic foods in a Brewed Unsweetened Iced Tea

This item doesn’t have allergens directly. Check the complete ingredient list for detailed information.

The daily calorie intake is based on 2,000 calories, but it may vary depending on the individual.

Ingredients in Wendy’s Iced Tea

Iced Tea:

Black Tea.

Wendy’s Iced Tea Price

We are following the updates and the information is accurate in 2024!

*Attention, the price may vary! The average price for the Wendy’s USA is indicated. Actual costs depend on the restaurant’s location.

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